IT & Sales Teams : 2 Driving Forces to Increase Revenue

Technological change impacts every department in organization -- but its impact on the sales has been particularly dramatic. Modern sales department behave almost nothing like their predecessors, it is the public face of the company, and therefore needs to reflect all the values and knowledge housed within the organization. If your sales team isn't taking advantage of the latest technology to generate revenue, they should more impact of IT on revenue

IDG Enterprise published a research from a study across many orgaBusiness friends discussing brainstorming and ideas at meeting inside beautiful modern building placenizations to better understand technology impact on high performing sales organizations. Sales teams that employ the help of technology see an increase in revenue by up to (58%) sales opportunities by (54%) deal sizes (44%) and conversion rates up by (38%). That’s not to mention noted improvements in opportunity pipeline management, territory management and customer onboarding.

Here’s 3 ways your IT & Sales Department together can impact  your revenue

Education/Information: Effective communication and providing information to perspective clients are key to success for all sales professionals. Either your organization is selling products or services, your sales staff require to educate prospective clients and/or provide information. Management teams required to enable collaboration with sales and IT teams to align technology with their sales process. Your IT teams can equip your sales teams with tools and technologies to deliver communication and information thru multiple medium or channels. There are many cost-effective cloud solutions that can be easily be integrated with your current sales technology i.e LinkedIn Learning, Google Education, Microsoft Education etc. This will allow your prospects to access information about your product or service before ever speaking to your sales team.

Sales Automation and Analytics: Your sales team required detailed market and pipeline analytics to make quick decisions and they also needs own performance benchmark in terms of pipeline growth and success ratios. There are many analytical tools, designed to turn datasets into usable information, are built for quick decision-making process for sales management and not to be confuse with marketing analytical data i.e SEO, Website analytics more on low performing IT investment

Track performance and identify areas for improvement. The most important thing you can do to improve your sales team's performance is to figure out how well they are performing now and then make a plan to help them to do better. This required greater collaboration with your IT department to provide systems and platforms to tracks sales performance throughout the sales cycle, so managers can analyze and measure how each member of the sales team is doing -- and then determine where he or she needs more on decision process

Sales Training and Collaboration: Sales department is a unit that could benefit greatly from collaboration with their service departments, while at the same time, service needs to be aligned with sales to ensure that there is consistency of experience. Corporate collaboration solutions have come a long way, and there are now available to make it easier and more efficient for salespeople to collaborate all other parts of the organization.

New technological innovation provides many platforms, channels and tools to improve your sales process, but it also creates challenge for your sales staff to learn all the new technologies. Your IT department not only required to provide all the technical training to your sales team but also provide systems for your sales team to access sales training. This not only makes your sales team’s life much easier while increasing productivity. By converting these lost hours into sales-driving work, IT plays a massive role in preparing reps for their upcoming visits without eating into precious working more on IT Results

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