Crafting Excellence: The Science of Selecting the Perfect Fit for Your Team | Stephen Goldberg

Did you know 70% of employees feel disengaged? Yet, businesses with top talent boast 21% higher profits! Don't join the wrong-hire club (95% of employers already did 🙈). Boost productivity by 40% and chuckles by 100% with the right crew. Because nothing says "scaling success" like numbers and knee-slappers!

In this episode, my guest is Stephen Goldberg, President at Optimus Performance. He has been helping business leaders with leadership coaching, team development training and performance management. Stephen also hosts  YouTube channel and podcast with over 431 videos and episodes.


We had an interesting discussion around various organization and team performance for scaling and operational efficiencies. Stephen shared insights on how to build the right team, measure performance and align roles/responsibilities with business goals. He also outlined some of the key challenges for last few years in terms of leadership and team coaching.

Here’s some of the topics discussed in this video:

    • Streamline hiring process, verify and assess skill sets.
    • Aligning roles and responsibilities to business objectives
    • Opportunities for business growth and leadership development
    • Scaling and driving operational efficiencies with team performance
    • .... many more...

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