Empowering Business Leaders: Success through well-being investment | Cloe Caron

When organizations have the right leaders at the helm, they don't just progress—they flourish. Positioning talent inappropriately can hinder growth, but adept leadership propels it forward. It's vital to have leaders who navigate with accuracy and foresight. 

In this exciting episode, I am thrilled to introduce our special guest, Cloe Caron, President & Founder of O2Coaching. Cloe is an influential speaker, facilitator, and catalyst for women's empowerment and leadership. With her bestselling books, "Empower your team" and "Dare to empower," she is revolutionizing corporate cultures through innovative and inclusive leadership styles. Cloé's exceptional work has earned her the title of "10 Most Influential Business Leaders Making a Difference in 2021" by World Leaders Magazine. We are honored to have her as a board member at PME Montreal and as the host of the highly acclaimed "Confessions of Leaders" podcast.


We had interesting discussion around various business leadership related topics. Cloe outlined how most business leaders had to get involved in operations during pandemic and how most of them are still dealing with operations. She also discussed important of business leaders to play at the right level.

Here’s some of the topics discussed in this video:

    • Playing at the right level for each leadership team
    • Aligning roles and responsibilities to business objectives
    • Investment in well-being to propel yourself and teams forward
    • Scaling and driving operational efficiencies with team performance
    • .... many more...

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