Improve these 3 items in user experience to gain competitive advantage

Today’s workforce is experiencing a cultural revolution. Shifting demographics, new technologies and changing social norms are all transforming the ways people work. Positive and seamless end-user experiences with workplace technology are a competitive advantage for both attracting and retaining top talent. read more..

Why user experience matters?

Organizations today have the potential to span five generations of workers. This broad, modern workforce is not only powerful in size, but also in its demands for new ways of Group of students in business schoolworking. Digital natives, in particular, expect workplace technology to mirror the ease and familiarity of the technology they use as consumers.

As workplace expectations evolve, companies need to rethink many of the systems and processes that have been set over the years, driven primarily by the needs of the company rather than by the desires of the customer. read more..

3 key items in improving user experience

Provide assistance when required: To stay productive and reduce downtime, your employees need fast resolutions to their technology challenges. Your workforce demands easy, modernized experiences — and they don’t mind taking matters into their own hands, examine your existing workforce and IT support model. read more on performance

  • Are you providing information and training as required for your staff?
  • Do you provide self-serving information for your staff to reduce wait times?
  • Do you support your in-office and remote staff during before or after business hours?

 Automate when possible : As services like IT and HR become increasingly digitized, it’s important to capitalize on your ability to automate formerly headache-inducing processes. When your staff can identify business processes that can easily automated to avoid duplication, human errors and efforts, it increases frustrations. For example, antiquated billing systems that required manual entries on a daily basis and it can be automated with little efforts, these types of consistent, easily-broken-down processes can be automated.  read more

Enable effective collaboration : For much of the workforce, teamwork is a requirement of the job. In fact, the Softchoice study shows 94% of North American office workers — whether remote or not — need to collaborate with teammates in order to do their jobs. And 83% use technology to work with remote workers in real time. Whether your workforce is remote, entirely on-site or a combination, having the right collaboration tools is vital to your organization’s productivity and employee satisfaction.

Your business is only as good as your people. As the market for talent becomes increasingly competitive, you need to create powerful employee experiences that will attract and retain top talent. Although companies are increasingly aware of the need to create positive user experiences, they often struggle to deliver on those expectations. read more

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