Cost of Staff Resistance to Technology Changes

As technology and business evolves, change is a constant at every organization. How do you manage when your employees have quickly become the number one opponent of change during upgrading or deploying new systems? Companies of all types constantly experience change because as industries grow, technology innovations provide more options and businesses must evolve. Most business leaders understand that to stay relevant in business, their technology must adapt new automation and more on risks

3 top reasons why your staff may be resisting technology changes...according to recent study at PwC.Business meeting

Lack of Training: As technology changes, employer’s expectation to do more in less time and the levels of competition between businesses is ever increasing. This means that workplace is becoming more stressful for your staff to increase productivity. And training is the key element for your staff to produce work at expected rate. As you upgrade your current systems or implement new systems, consider following:  ..more on user experience

  • Are you providing required training for all your staff to perform their work?
  • It’s impossible to learn all the options and functions of a modern feature rich systems in initial training, are you providing an option for your staff to get training as on-going basis?

Lack of documentation & Knowledge Base: Most software and systems today designed to provide as much options to accommodate as many businesses and industry types. It provides flexibility and allows each organization to use system as per their business process. However, this flexibility also creates challenges for organizations where standard documentation doesn’t provide enough information for staff to complete their work. User documentation and knowledge base is critical information to understand, how systems are used in their work environment rather than its intention of use case. If you are deploying critical business systems such as ERP or other business applications, consider following:   ..more on documentation

  • Do you document and share knowledge base articles with your staff?
  • Do you have a process of updating your documentation as an ongoing basis?

Lack of support and assistance: Let’s face it, as a business leader you can provide as much training and documentation for your staff but when they are working on critical deadlines, workload to meet your expectations, they won’t have time to go thru training and documentation. They will require a quick support and assistance to complete their work. They will need someone to walk them thru on how to get work done, instead of investing time and effort to read documentation. more on IT

 40% of business won’t meet their growth goals without significant improvements in employee effectiveness…according to mckinsey research

Business impact of staff resistance to technology change(s)

Payroll: Your employees can contribute to the success of your company when they are trained to perform their jobs. And when your staff is searching solutions and information on their own, they are not spending time and energy in generating revenue. Your return on payroll investment will suffer. ...more on IT impact on payroll

Business Goals: People are key for any business to achieve business goals and objectives. If your employees are happy, their productivity will increase, and that’s exactly what you need to help your business grow. However, when your people not performing at the level you need them to achieve your goals, it will impact your top line revenue. Organizations focus on improving employee effectiveness will create the foundation for growth.  ..more on business impact

Your success in life isn't based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business. -Mark Sanborn

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