Simplify Your IT Department Decisions - Objectivity vs Subjectivity

As a business leader you are constantly making decisions—often under pressure.  These decisions determine whether your organization ultimately succeeds or fails. Considering uncertainty from current COVID19 crisis, many business leaders find decisions around IT Department are so difficultYour technology and IT Department supposed to be your greatest tool to get your business out of current crisis then why decision around IT department are so complicated?


In this short video, I will share 3 tips to simplify decisions around your IT department. If you can follow these 3 basic steps, it will change your decisions around IT Department. It will provide clarity even during uncertainty with COVID crisis and ensure that you are never making any wrong decision.


IT Dashboards - Measure - Numbers/Graphs: Over the past few years, technology has matured to a level where not only it provides functionality but also allow us to measure every little technical processes and translate all technical processes into business processes. Once translated into business processes, it allows us opportunity to measure business processes. As a business leader, you should never make decision without measuring business process in graphs and numbers. You need to get every IT functions or operational items, measured and graphed to build IT roadmaps and strategies – it will simplify decision process and enable you to avoid any expensive mistakes.


Based on IT Soft Cost: Most business leaders, review both IT Hard and Soft cost to understand overall cost of technology for their business. Hard cost of technology is easy to calculate and we can control it. However, soft cost is bit complex to measure and most often, it is many times more than hard cost. Most business leaders I work with they agree that controlling soft cost makes them lean, competitive and efficient. So when you are making business decision, it makes sense to decide based on soft cost rather than hard cost alone.


Based on Business Requirements: There are so many product choices i.e hardware and software choices in the market, it tempting to make decision based on features, gadgets and wizards of all available features in market. However, business decision should be based on business requirements not what is available in market. It is most common mistake by business leader to select a system based on it’s capabilities instead of selecting that delivers on both business short term and long term requirements. Both time and energy invested in wrong system to learn that it can’t deliver on any business requirement have financial setbacks. On a contrary, documenting business requirements and technical requirement to select a right solution will deliver long term strategic wins.


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