Staff Expectations VS Reality :  IT Department

Business leaders expect employees to understand their point of view: To be a successful organization and maintain sustainability they need people to work diligently and to provide value in the marketplace constantly. However, unrealistic expectations from your staff will not help you achieve goals and business more Young people meeting with digital tablet-1

Setting goals which push staff to achieve their best can lead to very positive results. On the other hand, setting unrealistic goals can have a negative impact on employees and the business. As new technological innovations are emerging, it’s impacting workplace and also roles and responsibilities in IT more


4 Major Unrealistic Expectations in IT Departments - Expectations vs Reality:

Expecting employees to be consultant: Employee usually work for 5-10 companies during their career(s). On the other hand, a well experience consultant would have worked with hundreds of organizations and bring a fresh approach, an outside eye to your business. Expecting your employees to provide similar service as consultant and provide assistance in business decisions/strategy will have negative financial impact on both revenue and profit more

Expecting employees to build IT process: Building IT Process approach and Strategy required diverse experience in both IT and business process. It takes years for any IT Organization to build, mature and establish proven processes and expecting IT staff to build IT process is unrealistic expectation. Organization needs to provide IT Process and Strategy to their staff to deliver expected business results. Both IT process and strategy are organizational responsibility and should not be delegated to more

Expecting IT employees to manage Soft cost and HR issues: Understanding both technologies related soft cost and HR issues require business process and strategy experience. Both hard and soft cost usually required expertise from CFO’s and dealing with any HR issues required HR professional expertise. Since both of these business process interface with technologies, many business leaders expect IT staff to be subject matter expert these more

Managing employees - providing expectations: Ongoing coaching and training for your IT Staff is critical to boost their productivity and your business performance. IT Staff expect leadership, guidance and directions from their employer. IT employees are the right people to make numerous decisions about IT management—the choice of technology standards, the standard methodology for implementing new systems. But an IT department should not be left to make, often by default, the choices that determine the impact of IT on a company’s business strategy, is that business leaders take a leadership role in a handful of key IT more

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